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About Tower Beer Wine and Spirits Doraville in Doraville, GA 30340

Fine wine, specialty spirits, craft beer carefully chosen from all over the world, along with superior customer service, pricing and selection make Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits, Atlanta’s Best Beverage experience.
Irwin Greenbaum along with his older brother Leonard wanted to be in the beverage industry and in 1938 after the repeal of prohibition, they got their chance. In 1948 they opened the first Tower Package Store in Atlanta and started building a foundation of excellent service. In 1952 Irwin opened his own Tower Package Store [now Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits] one block from the present location at 2161 Piedmont Rd. At that time, the State of Georgia set prices and all stores sold all items at the same price, so Mr. Greenbaum continued to distinguish his store through superior service. In 1967, the “one price” law changed and Tower become a “discount” store. The discount pricing was so successful that the number of stores rapidly increased and Tower became a name known throughout the State of Georgia.
Current owner, Michael Greenbaum followed in his father's footsteps by joined the business in 1969 after completing college. In 1972, Dekalb County passed laws to allow liquor sales, and Tower opened a store one block from the current location at 5877 Buford Highway. Tower took advantage of the increased beer sales in 1970 to surpass nearby competitors. In the 1980s, wine became very popular as the California wines began to become household brands… Tower responded by increasing the wine selection as the United States populous shifted their drinking habits.
Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits is widely known for being the leader of volume sales in Georgia. Tower is the best in Scotch Whiskey, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hispanic beverages sold and continues to expand product selections to meet customer needs.
Success in offering outstanding variety at low prices has created a reputation that truly makes Tower “worth the drive from anywhere.” It is easy to see why Tower has been awarded the “Best of Atlanta” by Atlanta Journal – Constitution, INsite Magazine, FENUXE Magazine and Creative Loafing. Tower has also been recognized as a “Retailer of the Year” by Market Watch Magazine. As the company has grown, the Tower team always remembers it's initial success in the business and exceptional customer service remains the top priority. 

A message from the owner:
“As the owner of Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits on Buford Highway in Doraville and on Piedmont Road in Buckhead, I wish to share my commitment to you, our customer and to the communities we interact with every day. Our goal is always superior service and for success this must be provided at every level; on the sales floor of our store, with the cashier, and even in the parking lot. If you see me on the floor of the stores, don’t hesitate to say hello. Thanks for shopping at Tower.”
- Michael Greenbaum 

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