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Purity - Signature 34 Edition Organic Vodka (750ml)

Grown Organically 

Price: $21.99

Producer Purity
Country Sweden
Style Vodka
Sku 46114
Size 750ml

Very clean, due to the 34x distillations. Very good mouthfeel for a grain vodka. Makes a great Vodka Martini. Recipe: Mix together 5 parts of Purity 34 Vodka to 1 part Dry Vermouth. Garnish with anchovy-stuffed olives.

- George

Purity Description

Perfectly balanced, our Purity Signature 34 Edition Organic Vodka has won more than 150 international awards and is recognized for its character, smoothness and ability to be enjoyed neat or blended for unforgettable cocktails.

The Purity Signature 34 Edition Purity Organic Vodka is our original vodka, with a decade spent refining the number of distillations required by our master distiller, Stefan Magnusson, to create this extraordinary spirit. The slow, demanding process of distilling the heart of our vodka 34 times is necessary to reach the ‘heart of the spirit,’ and bring all the depth and complexity of the flavors to the fore.

This is a true Swedish ultra-premium vodka, made the way our ancestors have for over 400 years. We respect and cultivate the land, using local ingredients to make our vodka a unique Scandinavian experience. Organic wheat is at the heart, and creates a spirit rich in flavor, complexity and smoothness, while malted barley adds texture and body. When these key ingredients are slowly distilled over low heat in our custom-made 600-liter copper still, together with soft Swedish water taken from the source, magic begins to happen. 34 distillations later and you can experience a vodka unlike any other in the world – a true, hand-crafted and uniquely Swedish spirit.

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